Hello! We are the Bitterne Box Company, a ‘veg box and more’ company supplying homes in and around Southampton.

We believe in supplying food that you want to eat. We love local and seasonal, but we hate waste and we’d rather send you tomatoes in November that you’ll eat than a box of turnips that you won’t.

We offer a standard veg box every week, which you can add to or remove from, or you can have a totally bespoke box.

As well as fruit and veg we offer local bread, flour, eggs, honey, wood and kindling, and seasonal favourites such as Christmas Trees and wreaths. Find out more about our suppliers here , read our FAQs here and do contact us if you’ve any queries, or would like to place an order.


Excellent choice and value and all bought to your door with very little plastic packaging 🙂


I have been using Bitterne Box Co. as my sole fruit and veggie provider for quite a few time and I couldn’t be happier: the veggies and fruit are excellent, the variety very good and the boxes very affordable. Robin is incredibly friendly and flexible and always does his best to meet our needs. I love receiving my veggie box every week instead of having to buy fruit and vegetables packed in unnecessary plastic at the supermarket and it also helped us reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste we produce.